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Summer Reading: Picture BooksSee more


Picture Books
Our staff hand-picked and reviewed each book in this year's summer reading lists. Click on the book titles to add them to your cart!


The Blobfish Book by Jessica Olien

Blobfish waits eagerly for his starring moment in this book about deep sea creatures. But when it comes, it’s not what he expects! Plenty of information about creatures that live in the deepest ocean for non-fiction fans and the chatty humor and interactive text could inspire readers looking for fun ideas for summer journals.


Bug Bear by Patricia Hegarty & Carmen Saldana

The great language and rhythm in this book, about a bear bothered by a buzzing bug when he tries to take a nap, make this a perfect read-aloud for a summer afternoon.


I Just Want To Say Good Night by Rachel Isadora

What makes this book so charming is that although Lala lives in Africa, her good night ritual will be recognized by children and parents around the world.


Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin

A beautiful wordless book. Readers will find new details in the intricate illustrations every time this story of kindness is read.


Olivia the Spy by Ian Falconer

In her newest adventure, Olivia discovers how uncomfortable it is to overhear just enough to think she knows what’s happening around her. And, of course, Olivia knows it all!


Out of the Woods by Rebecca Bond

An unforgettable story based on a true event that brought a little boy together with the animals living in the forest around him.


Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems

Once again, Willems shows us that some books have to be read out loud. The language and humor come alive when Nanette’s adventures purchasing a baguette at the bakery are shared with young readers. Go ahead, grown-ups, and ham it up!


Rabbit Magic by Meg McLaren

What happens when the magician becomes the magic trick? Super-cute and mischievous bunnies frolic on every page.

Tek The Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell

Tek is a modern cave boy who lives in the time of dinosaurs and emojis, spending all his time holed up in his cave with his gadgets. When the village volcano blows, Tek and his electronics are blown out of the cave, forcing Tek to connect with the world around him. This book could have been preachy but it’s not. The layout as a tablet is funny and it may help parents encourage their kids to disconnect this summer.


For armchair (or actual) travelers:

Check out The Global Kids series from Big & Small, including:

France: The Way to the Orsay Museum by Hyo-mi Park illustrated by Jae-seon Ahn

Japan: Dad’s Favorite Cookie by Gu-mi Jeong, illustrated by Soon-kyo Joo

Kenya: My Brother is a Runner by Jin-ha Gong, illustrated by Hae-nam Park

Mongolia: Where the Winds Meet by Mi-hwa Joo, illustrated by Oh Lee

Philippines: Mango Trees by Tae-yeon Kim, illustrated by Gu-seon Muhn

Taiwan: Typhoon Holidays, Yi Ling Hsu, illustrated by Jin-yeong Kwag

Thailand: I Am a Little Monk, Mi-hwa Joo, illustrated by Hwa-kyeong Gahng

Vietnam: Song of the MeKong River by Na-mi Choi, illustrated by Sinae Jo