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You Hear Me?
Betsy Franco
Paperback | May 2001
12 in store $7.19
One Crazy Summer
Rita Williams-Garcia
Paperback | Dec 2011
2 in store $7.19
We Got This! Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be
Cornelius Minor
Paperback | Nov 2018
1 in store $32.85
The History of White People
Nell Irvin Painter
Paperback | Apr 2011
1 in store $17.06
Everyday Antiracism
Mica Pollock
Paperback | Jun 2008
1 in store $22.46

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It's past time to have discussions about race in America, Colorado, and Denver. We encourage our customers to look through some of these books we've curated related to understanding what is happening right now, and why. We have picked books for children who don't understand what is happening, for adults who need to look at starting a journey of a more bias-free existence, and for those who us who need to hear each other better.
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